Investigations  2007
The Woodland Opera House
There's a lot more to this venue than meets the eye.  
The Moss Beach Distillery
The California Haunts team got the chance to investigate this famous
haunted location. You'll have to wait and see what happened.
The Historic Hotel Jeffery
The California Haunts crew spent the night in the allegedly haunted
Haunted Plane
The California Haunts team looks into the mystery surrounding "Arthur"
and the B-29 he allegedly likes to hang out in. Results pending.
Cozmic Café
California Haunts teams up with the Placerville Mountain Democrat
to investigate the allegedly haunted location.  
Chamber of Commerce building
Teaming up with the Placerville Mountain Democrat, California Haunts
looks into reports of a haunting at the building.  
Hangman's Tree Saloon
Once the site of an actual hangman's tree, the bar is rumored to be
haunted. California haunts and the Placerville Mountain Democrat
A Sacramento Residence
The California Haunts Team investigates the guest house of an area
residence to see what may lurk there. Results pending.
A Sacramento apartment
California Haunts investigates.
Hidden Passages Book Store
The California Haunts with the Placerville Mountain Democrat
checks out the legend surrounding this historic store.  
A Sacramento residence
Residents claim to have seen to full apparitions. California Haunts
investigates. Results pending.