Investigations  2008
The Murphy's Hotel
General Grant and Black Bart once stayed at this hotel. Some say
they never left. Caliornia Haunts investigates.
Fairfield Residence
This housewife complains about cold spots and shadows. California
Haunts looks into it.
Lake Tahoe Hotel
Managers hear stories from guests about the apparition of a young girl
in some of the rooms on the property. California Haunts takes a look.
Not sleeping well
The California Haunts team investigates a residence where the client
complains of being disturbed during the night.
Afraid of the dark
The California Haunts team reaches out to a distressed woman who is afraid to
enter her Fair Oaks residence.
St. George Hotel
This historic gold country hotel has a history of hauntings that includes the
spirit of a little girl,knockings on walls and other phenomena. California
Haunts investigates.
A Sacramento Residence
What's happening in this suburban home? California Haunts investigates.
A South Sacramento Residence
California Haunts investigates what may be keeping a little girl up at night.
The Sierra Nevada House
This historic gold country hotel has seen its share of ghostly
activity or has it? California Haunts investigates.
Seeing ghosts?
This Placerville, California bed and breakfast my have visitors from the
past.California Haunts investigates.