Investigations  2008
Sugar and Spice?
The California Haunts team investigates an ice cream parlor
prone to strange happenings.
Santa Cruz residence
The team travels to Santa Cruz to investigate the strange
going's on at an area residence.  
Dinner and some ghosts
A historic Placerville eatery plays host the dead and undead.
Who's there?
Employees at the Murphys Motorcycle Company have seen lights
flicker and feel as if they are not alone in the building. California Haunts
finds some answers.
Things That Go Bump In The Night And Day
Employees and customers of this historic building hear disembodied
Angry Ghost?
This Sacramento family called on California Haunts after seeing
apparitions in their home and experiencing disembodied voices.

Tortured Souls
This Northern California family called California Haunts after experiencing
terrifying encounters in and around their home.
The Murphy's Hotel
General Grant and Black Bart once stayed at this hotel. Some say
they never left. California Haunts investigates.
A Torrid Affair
This Gold Country Hotel once housed a rocking and rolicking bunch of
guests. some stilll remain...or do they?