Investigations  2010
Ghostly pizza
Pizza isn't the on;y thing served at this Bay Area pizza parlor.
Rooms and Spirits
Don't be surprised if you see the spirit of a a young boy wandering the
halls of this historic hotel.
Dinner and some ghosts
A historic Placerville eatery plays host the dead and undead.
Historic Cemetery
The California Haunts team visits a cemetery with surprising results.
Old Miners Never Die
The California Haunts team pays a visit to a Yosemite hotel where
guests don't seem to want to leave.
Historic Ghosts
The California Haunts team investigates this historic hotel in Grass
The Woodland Opera House
There's a lot more to this venue than meets the eye.    
Dark Secrets
The California Haunts team investigates the Ione Hotel.
Spooky Castle
Once a boys center, Preston Castle still holds many secrets.