Investigations 2011
A Fair Oaks Residence
Residents claim to have seen two full apparitions. California Haunts
Elk Grove Residence
Residents claim to have seen the apparition of a young boy and have had toys
turn on by themselves. California Haunts investigates.
Empress Theater
Many movie lovers come to this great theater to see old films but what some end
up taking in, are long gone theater guests and performers.
Who's There?
California Haunts comes to the aid of a homeowner afraid of her own house.
Marysville Residence
Noises, bad feelings and cold spots haunt one Marysville family.
Modesto Residence
Noises, bad feelings  haunt one family.
Dinner and Some Spirits
This Placerville eatery may hold some surprises for customers.
Restaurant Serves Up More Than Food
This old victorian in Auburn has a few extra guests over for dinner.
Anchors Away
Sailors on this WWII aircraft carrier may still be manning their posts.
Old Employees Never Leave
New employees report seeing apapritions at this old sugar mill.
Placerville Restaurant Has A Little Something Extra
California Haunts revisits a popualr area eatery.