Sacramento Residence 2
Client reports feeling uneasy in her bedroom and that her daughter has undergine
personality changes.
Investigations  2012
A Fair Oaks Residence
Residents claim to have experienced being touched, having hair pulled and objects moving
around the house.
West Sacramento Residence
There have been reports of a shdowy figure and objects moving around the house.
Results Pending.
Sacramento Residence
The client has been alarmed by a TV turning on by itself and other appliances turnig on
as well, doors being found open and the feeling of not being alone in the house. Results
Things That Go Bump In The Night
California Haunts comes to the aid of a Yuba City homeowner who feels uncomfortable in
her home. Results Pending.
Gold Rush
A Gold Country family has seen the apparition of a miner in their home. Results opending.
North Sacramento Residence
A woman reports beng sexually asualted while sleeping, sees apparitions, appllainces
turn on and of and her daughter talks to someone who is not there
South Sacramento Residence
California Haunts comes to the aid of a man who hears footsteps and sees apparitions in
his home.
Elk Grove Residence
The apparition of a little girl, electrical issues and other things cause one family to be
uneasy in their home.
Grass Valley Residence
Citrus Heights Residence
The clients report seeing the apparition of a little boy in their hallway. They also
report feeling as if they are being watched.
Sacramento Residence
The client reports that her two-year old daughter plays with an unseen friend. Toys
go on and off by themselves. Cupboards are found open and the daughter screams
and points at nothing.
Richmond Residence
Clients report being watched in the bathroom, seeing a shadoy figure in the hallway
and not being able to sleep in a bedroom.
Lake County Residence
North Highlands Residence
A family contacts the california Haunts team when strange things begin to happen in
their home.
A Northern California Theater
Reorts of an apparition in the projection room drew the California Haunts team out to
this historical theater.