Investigations  2013
Central California Home 2
A terrified teen-ager who sees and hears things that are not there. A scary dark
cloud which appears at night. California Haunts rushes to the aid of this family.
El Dorado Hills Residence
The client reports hearing banging during the night. The feeling of being watched
and doors opening and closing.
Sacramento Residence
The client reports a dark shadow in her hallway.  Her son also sees apparitions.
Sacramento Residence
Client reports that her young daughter suffers from personality changes and  also
reports seeing a wsinged being in the hallway of the home..
Sacramento Residence
The client claims to hear voices and see faces in orbs.
Central California Home
Reports of an apparition in the dining room and footsteps that seem to walk around
the lower level of the home nhave this family not sleeping at night.
Gold Country Home
Reports of doors slamming and a radio that seems to turn on by itself.
Central California 3
A tragedy in the home and a mourning family.   A teen-agers quest to find some answers.
Citrus Heights Residence
A family is terrified of something that feels ominous in the home.
Ukiah Residence
A family is afraid of shadow people who peer through windows.
Rhonert Park Residence
A woman is pinned on her bed by unseen forces.
Martinez Residence
A woman feels like she is being watched in her home and calls California haunts for help.