The California Haunts Paranormal Investigation Team has been investigating claims of
paranormal activity for more than 13-years. In that time, investigators have looked into cases
ranging in locations from Gold Country Hotels and other buildings to helping clients with their
in-home issues.

Evidence gathered during investigations includes audio, video, photographic and
physical...the latter of which happens to investigators.

We will share some never before released evidence from our investigation files that in some
instances was too controversial to post on our Website. In other instances, the client and or
affected team member requested that it not be shared.

In addition, we will share stories of the places we have visited and of the people we have met in
our more than 13-years investigating. We will show you places that you can investigate on your
own and talk about the history of some of those places.

Don't miss this chance to hear real ghost stories and hear about the experiences of those who
investigate them.
Saturday, October 13,
4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Private Ghost Hunt

Enter to win the chance to go ghost hunting with
the team.

Two winners will participate in a private ghost
hunt with team members. The winners will get to
use the same equipment that team members use
and will also join in on all facets of the
investigation from start to final post meeting with
the clients. Dinner on day of ghost hunt is
included and the winners will receive a photo and
certificate commemorating their hunt.

This is not an event-type ghost hunt. This is a
regular team ghost hunt.

$10 Per Raffle Ticket

Dowsing Rods
EMF Meters
Protection Items
Ghost Hunting Books
and much more...

$1 Per  Raffle Ticket
Psychic Reading

A $60 Value
Two lucky winners can win a 25
minute psychic reading with one of
the California Haunts psychic team

$5 Per Raffle Ticket
Lecture cost is $25 per person and proceeds go
towards equipment and supplies for the team.

Location will be a private residence. All
confirmed reservations will receive the address.