We also offer an Associate program for those who can not commit to being a full
investigator or for those who do not live in Northern or Central California.
The California Haunts Paranormal Investigation Team is comprised of people from different
backgrounds and skill levels. We have spent many years learning the science of paranormal
investigation and have worked very hard to build up a good reputation. As a team, we pride
ourselves on our ability work one on one with our clients before, during and after
investigations are completed. All investigators are fully trained and all investigators must
keep meticulous records during investigations. We require that each investigator undergo
training at least once per month in addition to attending a team meeting once per month.

Although investigators may not attend every investigation, they are required to participate in
at least four investigations per year. Note: Investigators are chosen to participate by the
team founder based on ability and conditions at the investigation site.

Once potential investigators fill out the online application, they will be contacted by the
founder and an interview date will be arranged. A panel of five investigators will then meet
with the potential recruit.

If you are chosen to join the team, you will undergo a probationary period of two months
before being fully accepted. All team members pay a once per year fee of $125
membership. This offsets equipment costs and other needs. The fee can be paid monthly or
all at once.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please fill out the application.