If you'd like to apply for a California Haunts
Paranormal Excellence Award, email us with
"Award" in the subject area and include a link and
brief description of your Website in the email
body. We will review your site and act accordingly.
"We enjoyed reviewing your site and find that you are doing a great job!
We would be honored to present you with our Paranormal Excellence
Award, keep up the great work."
Hi Charlotte
Loved your wbsite website and always like
to recognise our American friends. I have
sent you an award and have listed you in
our award links and regular links all the
Vancouver Paranormal
Thank you for your interest in CCPI and
our Award!  After viewing your site, we
feel that it is worthy of receiving our
award for Excellence in the Field of
Paranormal Investigation!  We look
forward to seeing the accomplishments
of your organization in the future! If CCPI
can be of any assistance to you or
California Haunts, please feel free to call
on us any time!
Clarissa Vazquez
Co-Founder, CCPI
Serving Western Colorado & Eastern
Utah Since 2004
We have checked out your site and
determined that it is definitely worthy of
one of our awards. I have attached the
award to this email for easy download.
Display it with pride  because you definitely
earned it.

Paranormal Wind Ghost Hunters Society
I have viewed your site and found it to be simple but well organize. One thing that I should admire is
your team spirits and also your team vision to share the truth about paranormal investigations.
Therefore, based on your team hard work and the research into the unknown I awarded your team with
Excellent Award and Excellent Study to the Unknown Award. Congratulations
We have reviewed your site and
we are pleased to present you
with our stunning site award.
Keep up the great work.
Happy Haunting
We truly enjoyed our visit and all that your
team has done so far - keep up the great work
and don't stop! We are happy to present to you
our Award for Paranormal Excellence, and your
teams name will be added to our winners list
for 2007 - Congratulations! Best wishes, to you
and your team, Shana