California Haunts is now responsible for the oldest section of the cemetery and takes care of 50
plots. The section is right next to the volunteer firemen's lot and is one of the favorite stops on the
tour.  It contains the plot of a young and successful prostitute which was a common profession for
young unwed women for there was little else for women to do to survive.

Unfortunately he could not find the hands
of the angel so we don't know if she had
hands in prayer or holding a book and we
may never know. The cross has a beautiful
inscription in German and we surmise it
was selected by the young woman's
fiancé.  The volunteer co-coordinator has
asked that we translate this inscription as
one of our first projects.  
Because of his interest in his German
heritage, John has volunteered to do this.
It will be necessary to take a “rubbing” of
the headstone. This a very convenient
Apparently she was the victim of a murder
by the hands of a jealous lover. The young
woman had two suitors and refused the
advances of one. One night while singing
at her “place of business,” he crept up
behind her and stabbed her on the spot.
Her distressed fiancé was so upset he
erected a lovely large cross.   
Over the years the cross had been
toppled over and broken.
Some years ago before the city restoration
efforts, a man by the name of George
started to take care of the firemen's plots
which had been overgrown with weeds and
the markers lost in the earth. When George
finished his work he moved plot by plot to
the south.     
Eventually he came to the young woman's
plot and started to restore it.
He repaired the cross and started to
excavate to repair the brick when he came
across a stone angel that had originally
stood on the top of the plot.
and “non-intrusive” method of making an exact full size copy of the headstone without causing any
damage to this the delicate limestone. Since the Old City Cemetery is considered a museum by the city,
this process must be approved by the City Cemetery Council and must be done by a certified
Henry will be contacting the council asking for permission to have this done so John can translate.  
However, this will not stop John from translating the headstones he can read.  We are very proud to
be entrusted with this amazing piece of history and are excited to meet the challenges ahead.
California Haunts is proud to be a part of the Adopt-A-Plot program at the Sacramento City
The historic cemetery located on Broadway in Sacramento, sits on 44-acres and contains the
remains of 25,000 individuals. It is reminiscent of a Victorian garden with many types of flowers
and trees.
The cemetery was established in 1849 after Captain John Sutter donated 10-acres. It contains 600
of the 1850 cholera epidemic victims. It also contains the graves of volunteer firefighters, Odd
Fellows, some Donner Party survivors, the Crocker family and Railroad Tycoon Mark Hopkins.
There are also some governors and mayors buried there.