"I spent all of last year filming another group for the show but
I found that things could get confusing, especially with
scheduling," she said. "So now we have a team that is solely
dedicated to the show. We function like other teams in that we
do a preliminary investigation, we investigate and we will do a
post investigation. Whether we film or not, the client receives
a professional look into what may or not be happening."
Sanchez-Kosa emphasizes that she is no newcomer to
investigating. She spent a year with another group before
breaking out on her own. Her new group is combined of new
members and experienced members.
"I know that this field can be very exciting at times but the
majority of it is looking at hours of video, listening to three-
minute EVP sessions and compiling data," she said. "But
there are those times when it can pay off and you actually get
something. It’s not like on TV where they show only the
highlights of an investigation. There’s a lot more to it than
By Kimberly Teves

Sacramento resident Charlotte Sanchez-Kosa has her hands full these days with producing
and editing two TV shows and recently taking on the lead investigator duties for California
Haunts, a paranormal research group.
"I have always had an interest in the paranormal and have gotten a couple of chances to
work with investigative groups,"  she said. "This just came out of the blue. I had taken a
hiatus from investigating and people started coming to me asking if I was going to start my
own group. I tossed around the idea and by and by, there were enough people interested so I
said, ‘OK!’ and formed the California Haunts Paranormal Investigation Team."
For Sanchez-Kosa, the last few months have been a blur of purchasing equipment and
holding team meetings, ordering shirts and getting the group trained. She’s even completely
changed the original Website the show had.
The group not only utilizes technology but utilizes the use of a sensitive as well. Sanchez-
Kosa says although the group does not totally rely on the sensitive, more often than not,
what the sensitive comes up with can be corroborated.
"We have a good sensitive with us who has a proven track record," Sanchez-Kosa said. "I
thought long and hard about choosing who would take on that role with the group. I am
confident I made the right choice."
Sanchez-Kosa also believes that California Haunts is all about paranormal investigating and
the TV show comes second.
"The people involved with this all feel the same way," she said. "We are out there to help
people. If the TV show gets a following that’s fine but we all have regular jobs. There is no
rush to compromise what we believe in for fame. This isn’t about glory. It's about trying to
scientifically prove that paranormal things exist. It’s about helping people, not how much TV
or radio time we can get."
In amongst the non-filmed investigations, filming for the second season of California Haunts
will begin in April. Lined up from the first season are four videos that are set to be aired.
Sanchez-Kosa says to check the California Haunts Website for airdates at www.