Spooks still enjoy dinner at local restaurant
By Charlotte Sanchez-Kosa
Special to the Democrat

While most of us spend our evenings going to dinner and a movie. How about spending an evening
doing dinner with a ghost?

That is what patrons and staff at the Sequoia Restaurant, located at 643 Bee Street in Placerville do on
a daily basis.

From water turning on by itself, sightings of a woman in a Victorian dress and a little boy who likes to
play with glasses in the bar area, the Sequoia it seems, is full of legendary spirits who liked the place
so much when they were alive, they have decided to stay a bit longer.

The house was originally built in 1853 by Colonel Fredrick Bee. In 1889, Judge Marcus Bennett
purchased the property and expanded it to 16 rooms, making it into a Victorian mansion. In 1958, the
house became an Elks Lodge. It was purchased by its current owners, Danica and Nello Olivo in 2001.

Stories abound about the alleged paranormal activity  in the business and that is what prompted the
California Haunts Paranormal Investigation Team to look into the claims. There is also the claim in the
downstairs women’s restroom of seeing an older woman or a boy in the mirror reflection.

The team visited on two occasions, once in 2009 and this September.

Results from those investigations have proved interesting and yielded a couple of surprises.

During the 2009 investigation, psychic Caren Clarke said she encountered a woman on the stairway
who told her that she takes care of the house. Later that day, team members focused on the women’s
restroom on the first floor in the hope of contacting the phantom boy or the woman.

An Electronic Voice Phenomena session was conducted with digital voice recorders. During the
sessions investigators ask open-ended questions and then wait for 20 or 30 seconds before asking
the next question.

“Are you the woman who people see on the stairs?” investigator Charlotte Kosa asked.

Clarke, sensed her reply as “no.”

The questioning went on for some time. At one point Kosa asked the woman if she was buried in the
cemetery across the street and the answer came back, “Yes.” So investigators decided to head over to
the cemetery after the investigation to see if the woman would lead them to her grave.

During the September investigation, Clarke claimed to contact Mrs. Bee who told investigators that
she liked the changes made to the building.

Results from both investigations revealed surprises in that when investigators went to the cemetery,
they were led via dowsing rods to the grave of a woman with the same first name as the one they had
contacted in the women’s restroom. An EVP from that session revealed the strong voice of a man who,
told investigators that he couldn’t breathe. Investigators also reported hearing footsteps coming toward
them on the stage in the ballroom.

When this writer mentioned the voice to manager David Begley, he said that at one time the bathroom
area was the outside of the building and a tree was there as well. He added that a man had been hung

(Editor’s note — It was a suicide of a youth)

For those seeking a good meal and just maybe some paranormal fun, the Sequoia is the place to go.
Just ask the employees about the resident ghosts and they will be glad to fill you in.

For more information about the investigations visit californiahaunts.org.
Democrat photo by Pat Dollins
DINING WITH THE DEVIL or some sort of ghost is likely at the haunted Sequoia Restaurant.