Psychic Development
There are those who say that psychic abilities lie deep within us all waiting for the proper moment to
rise and shine. For some, like the sensitives of the California Haunts team, those abilities appeared
at an early age. For others however, it takes a little longer and still others may not develop the gift at

Our sensitives for years have been working with  ghost hunters and have had much success. In
addition to private readings they are well versed in the art of conducting seances. During a recent
séance event,  California Haunts Psychic Caren was dubbed "fabulous" and "terrific" by those who
attended the event.

Now California Haunts wants to share its psychic's
abilities with those interested in finding and utilizing
their own abilities. The team has designed a psychic
development course that can guide novices through the
steps of discovery, dealing with the emotions
associated with psychic work, how to control what is
seen and other related topics.

Although there is no guarantee that you will become a
psychic, the classes are informative and can give you an
inside look at what psychics do and how it relates to
paranormal investigation
This Month's Class, 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m
Saturday, June 20
Explore Past Lives and how they affect you with Medium
Nancy Matz
Join Charlotte and Medium Nancy Matz as they teach you
about past lives and how those lives affect your current and
future life and health. In addition, you will learn techniques to
help increase your clairaudience skills.

Mark your calendar and don't miss this great chance to work
with one of the premier mediums in California.

Matz has consulted for TV shows, led the old city cemetery
tours in Sacramento and also does work for police and

Once you sign up, you will be sent a link to the class location.
Classes cost $20 per person
Psychic development
Nancy Matz