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3-Axis DigitalPart.#CHOP171N)$305.00 Buy It Online
True 3-axis sensors insure that measurements remain accurate
regardless of the orientation of the instrument, making this the fastest
digital gaussmeter to use, by far!

Lightweight and self-contained, this unit is ideal for commercial and
home use. Applications include detecting magnetic field emissions from
a wide variety of sources, including video display terminals (VDTs), AC
power lines, office equipment, household appliances, and all types of
electric and electronic equipment.

This meter is auto-ranging, displays X, Y, and Z axis readings plus SUM,
and includes a deluxe carrying case, 9 volt alkaline battery, and a one
year mfr. warranty. Amazing high accuracy of ±2% +1 digit, wide frequency
response: 30-2000 Hz, covers 0.1 - 599 mG. Accuracy traceable to NIST
standards. Highly recommended!

4180 3-AXIS DIGITAL AC GAUSSMETER (Cat. #P171N) ........... $305.00  
Get the AC to 9V DC Adapter to power this meter for prolonged use.
We are really excited about this new meter designed to provide quick,
reliable and easy measurements of electromagnetic field radiation
levels around  power lines, home appliances and industrial devices.
Displays microTesla or milliGauss, XYZ or 3-axis, and offers: Data hold
and Peak hold functions.

Extremely sensitive (to 0.01 mG) with range all the way up to 1999 mG.
Want more? 2000 data logging capacity with time/date stamp for field
use and RS-232 Optical interface with Windows 98/2000/XP software and
cable included. Large, easy to see display. Gets about 100 hours from 6
AAA batteries, included.


Display   3½ digits. Max. indication 1999
Range   20/200/2000 milli Gauss
2/20/200 micro Tesla
Resolution   0.01/0.1/1 milli Gauss
0.001/0.01/0.1 micro Tesla
Number of Axis   Three axis
Band Width   30 Hz to 2000 Hz
Accuracy   ±(3%+3d) at 50/60HZ,
±(5%+3d) at 40Hz to 200HZ,
-3dB at 30Hz to 2000HZ
Data logger storage   999 readings
Sampling Time   Approx. 0.5 second
Battery Life   Approx. 100 hours
Operating Temp and Humidity    0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) below 80%RH
Weight   Approx. 165g
Dimension   154(L) x 72(W) x 35(H) mm
Accessories Included: Operation Manual , 6 size AAA batteries,
Software for windows and RS-232 Cable

Data logging 3-Axis Gaussmeter w/ PC (Cat. #P491) ……. $309.00
Get the best of both worlds with this high quality thermometer.

Very nice 13:1 target ratio, 0.1° resolution, laser pointer, and
adjustable emissivity (from 0.10 to 1.00) make this unit very adept
at measuring the temperature of a surface at a distance. Add to
that a 20 data memory, MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF feature, back light, and
adjustable high/low alarm which alerts user when temperature
exceeds programmed limits. Plus, you get a Type K probe which
can be used to measure the temperature of air within a few feet of
the unit. Displays in ºF or ºC. Includes 9V battery and Type K. Easy
to use and a great price.

Specs IR (non contact):
Temp Range: -58 to 1472 °F (-50 to 800 °C)
Accuracy:Below 932°F: greater of ±2% of reading or 4°F/2°C

Specs Type K:
Temp Range: -58 to 2498 °F (-50 to 1370 °C)
±1.5% of reading +5°F/3°C
IR Thermometer with Type K Probe (Cat. #P191) ………. $139.95
This unique pocket-sized item combines high resolution IR non-contact
thermometer with 1:1 spot ratio for checking temperature at a distance
plus a foldable stainless steel Type K contact temperature probe for
measuring air, surface or internal temperatures at the location of the
meter. Both readings displayed simultaneously. Bonus: Adjustable
emissivity from 0.1 to 1! One year

Specs IR (non contact):

Temp Range: -27 to 428°F and –33 to 220°C
Accuracy: ±2% or ±4°F/2°C, whichever is greater
Min/Max hold.
Specs Contact:

Temp Range: -67 to 626°F and –55 to 330°C
Accuracy: ±1.5°F/0.8°C
Resolution: 0.1°F/C
Auto power off with disable feature. Includes CR2032 battery. CE Mark.

Dual Pocket Thermometer (Cat. #P178) ............... $79.95  
Case Price [24 units] (Cat. #P178-case) ................... $1259.00