Single Axis(Part.#CHOP111)$89.95 Buy It Online
E.L.F. Zone(Part. #CHOP121)$15.95 Buy It Online
Gauss Master(Part. #CHOP130)$39.95 Buy It Online
KII EMF Meter (Part. #CHOP140)$49.95 Buy It Online
NaturalEMMeter(Part. #CHOP151)$199.95 Buy It Online
Trifieled Meter(Part. #CHOP150-60)$139.95 Buy It Online
This is our meter of choice for affordable pricing and fast, reliable
measurements of AC Magnetic Field, AC Electric Field, and Radio/microwaves.

Look at all that you get: Easy-to-see large analog readout; 3-axis electric &
magnetic sensitivity for fast surveys; 2 separate scales for magnetic field
readings; hand-held portability and simplicity. Extremely wide frequency
response. It is a favorite of professional & hobby paranormal researchers
and is often featured in paranormal TV shows. Completely self-contained.
Nothing else to buy, no parts to lose. 9V battery included.

Trifield Meter (Cat. #P150-60) …...................... $139.95  
Case Price [50 units] (Cat. #P150-case) .......... $4873.12  

Get the AC to 9V DC Adapter to power this meter for prolonged use.
The NATURAL EM METER detects radio/microwaves and changes in
extremely weak static (DC or "Natural") electric and magnetic fields.

So highly sensitive it will detect the presence of body parts. What makes
this unit so useful for paranormal work is the squelchable audio tone
which alerts the user to activity in the vicinity of the meter. Several
meters can be placed throughout a location unattended to track the
movement of activity. 9V battery included.

One year mfr. Warranty.

Natural EM Meter (Cat. #P151) …..……....... $199.95  
Case Price [50 units] (Cat. #P151-case) .......... $7498.12  

Get the AC to 9V DC Adapter to power this meter for prolonged use.
Great Remote Sensor With Audio
A unique hand held meter for the economy minded. Detects ELF
(50-1000 Hz)and VLF (1000-20,000 Hz). LED's show field strength
with simple green-yellow-orange-red display (0-1.5, 1.5-2.5, 2.5-10,
10-20, and 20+ mG with 5% accuracy). You just point, push the
button, and see the results. Lets you determine instantly where
the "hot spots" are in your home or work environment.

The meter is noiseless, so it does not interfere with your
investigation. This along with the extreme economical use of the
9v battery, its proven accuracy, led lights for use in the dark,
ease of operation & handling, and ability to withstand rain and
harsh treatment are some of the reasons this meter is preferred
for paranormal investigation.

The SAFE RANGE EMF Meter has a durable plastic case, is
lightweight, and comes with a log to use for recording the
readings. A 9V battery is included. 60
day mfr. warranty. Made in USA.

SAFE RANGE EMF METER (Cat. # P140)....................$49.95
A easy to read gauge, unique built-in audio signal and auto shut-off
make it  simple to use and a great way to find magnetic fields.
Hand-held, light-weight and durable, with two easy to read scales
(0-1 mG, & 0-10 mG), and dramatic audio signal. Our favorite meter
for demonstrating the presence of paranormal activity to others.
Uses a 9V battery (not included). Also goes by the name "Dr.

Gauss Master (Cat. #P130) .................................. $39.95  
Case Price [48 units] (Cat. #P130-case) ............. $960.00  

Get the AC to 9V DC Adapter to power this meter for prolonged use.
Economy Ghost buster

What this meter lacks in resolution it makes up with ease of use
and very low cost. A favorite among beginner ghost hunters and
those on a tight budget.
Three LED lights which are easy to see in the dark indicate field

Three LED lights signal field strength:
Green: 0 - 2.5 mG ("little or no activity")
Yellow: 2.5 - 7 mG ("moderate activity")
Red: 8 or more mG ("high activity")
Single axis sensor, on/off toggle switch. One fresh 9V battery
E.L.F.-Zone Gaussmeter (Cat. #P121) ............... $15.95  
Case Price [100 Units] (Cat. #P121-case) ........ $700.00  

Get the AC to 9V DC Adapter to power this meter for prolonged
Couldn't be easier to use, just turn it on and get accurate reliable

Perfect for situations needing high resolution measurements of AC
magnetic fields without spending a lot of money. Large LCD display
reads 0.1 -199.9 mG over the ELF range of 30 - 400 Hz. Calibrated to
within 4% ± 3 digits at 50/60 Hz.

This single axis meter samples every 0.4 seconds when flipped on
with slide switch. Requires one 9V battery. One year limited warranty.

Like all single axis meters, this meter must be rotated during use to
find the proper orientation to the magnetic field being measured to
get proper

Single Axis Digital Gaussmeter (Cat. #P111) ...... $89.95  
Case Price [60 units] (Cat. #P111-case) .......... $3597.75