California Haunts uses many pieces of electronic equipment during
investigations and like any group, we do have our favorites. We hope that
this page will aid you in selecting what type of equipment you use in the
field as investigators..
Take a fairly priced EMF meter and put it in the hands of a group of very picky
ghost hunters and you have the makings of a potential disaster. Especially with my
team members who are very specific about what they like to use in the field.

To be honest, the Ghost Meter appealed to me for two reasons. The first was that
at the time of purchase, we were filming a documentary and I wanted to have a
Little Meter with a Big Punch
Charlotte, Founder
meter that had some kind of lights on it that would show up well for the cameras. The second, of course,
was cost. This little meter ran about $15.

Who would have known at the time that this meter would become one of our most used pieces of equipment.

The Ghost Meter comes in two versions. One with a probe that has a reading span of about 10 feet and the
other without the probe. I opted to buy the one without the probe.

The meters run on a 9 volt battery. The meter measures in milligaus and uses two
different ELF scales. It has a normal sensitivity of 1 to 50 milligaus and has a high
sensitivity of 1 to 5 milligaus. It will read radio and electromagnetic waves.

The neat thing about it is that the red tip flashes when you come in contact with
electro magnetic frequencies. If you so desire, the meter will also emit a beeping

Using it in the field was simple, we realized that it would pick up things that other
meters wouldn’t, making it a huge asset. We even use it for
light flash for yes, two flashes for no.

We have had several investigations where we were able to completely debunk   
the Ghost Meter.
what was going on with just
So as a group, we recommend this meter for any beginning ghost hunter or any serious ghost hunter.