California Haunts
Ghost Hunting Academy
Saturday, September 27, is your chance to learn about ghost hunting techniques and what
not to do when conducting an investigation.

The California Haunts Team has been conducting investigations for more than ten years and
team members would like to share that experience with others.

With the Halloween season approaching and interest in ghost hunting soaring, this is a
great chance to learn what really goes on during an investigation.

Learn about the equipment and techniques used during investigations. Hear and see
investigation results and learn from one of California's most established paranormal teams.

As a bonus, for those who attend the class, graduates will be taken to haunted location at a
later date to try out their  skills and will also receive a certificate of completion.

The class is $25 per person but is well worth it for those who want to learn how to ghost
hunt the right way.
Also available for those who
graduate are California Haunts
Ghost Hunting Academy shirts.  
They are available in sizes S, M ,L,
XL and XXL.
Prices run $20.
Number Attending