Ghost Tours
Have you ever wanted to go ghost
hunting but don't have the time to
commit to a paranormal group? Well,
California Haunts in conjunction with
several allegedly haunted locations is
now offering Ghost Tours.
Join us as we visit allegedly haunted locations
and be a part of the investigation by getting the
opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment
and learn techniques used in the field.

If you are interested in becoming a ghost
hunter or just want to see what an investigation
is like, then Ghost Tours is for you.
Founder/Lead Investigator
"I think Ghost Tours is a great
chance for people to get a feel
for what goes on during a
paranormal investigation.

"How many times have you
wanted but were afraid to ask to
join in on a ghost hunt? The is a
chance to make that wish come
true and work with an excellent
paranormal investigation team.

"I wish I could have done
something similar when I was
starting out in this field."
All tours include transportation, equipment use, investigative training,  
a California Haunts T-shirt , team photo  with you and one of   
California Haunts' psychics to help illustrate how a paranormal
group   works in conjunction with mediums.

Tours will be held in various locations around Northern California     
and Nevada.

Cost for the tour is a $40 donation and can be paid via Paypal   

California Haunts is in the process of obtaining its not for profit
status   and therefore operates as a non for
Phone Number
Number Attending
Note: All participants must sign a liability waiver before beginning the
tour. All participants must also be in good health.
Ghost Tours