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The bright pink neon lettering drew
the California Haunts team into the
worn building that houses the old-
fashioned community rink and
icehouse that have been part of the
Sacramento landscape for over 65
years.  The chills we were feeling
would go much deeper than
expected as the night. Investigation
went on through

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Skating Rink, click the image.
Iceland Ice Rink
Fortunately, the California Haunts team entered the
Sacramento Theatre Company prepared, because we
were greeted whole-heartedly by the resident company
of spirits that preside in this famously haunted
building.  Activity was encountered in the main stage
area, the smaller Stage Two, and the costume shop
area… as well as curious noises and unexplainable
doors closing around the technical areas.  With the
original theatre building, the Eaglet Theatre, opening in
1949, there’s been plenty of time for residual
paranormal activity to develop in this wonderful theatre.

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Sacramento Theater
The California Haunts team found that the spirits are indeed restless at the Hotel Leger in Mokelumne
Hill, about an hour southeast of Sacramento.  The current hotel construction is believed to include
original stones dating back to the first hotel built on the site in 1851.  The team was surprised to find
that paranormal activity at the Hotel Leger would manifest itself in a physical manner, leaving no
question that the past had left a definite impression on the land and buildings that constitute the lovely
Hotel Leger.

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Hotel Leger
The first thing we did when we arrived at the
Diamond Springs Hotel, which now serves as
a friendly, small-town restaurant, was to be
seated for dinner.  Unfortunately, we weren’t
able to get the booth that’s said to be located
right next to a naturally-occurring vortex!  
After the California Haunts team finished an
enjoyable dinner, we proceeded with an
investigation that uncovered a rather vocal
female spirit who, through dowsing rod
communication, claimed to have worked at
the Diamond Springs Hotel when it was a
house of ill-repute.  We found she would talk
to women, but perhaps due to a hard life
lived, didn’t seem to have much to say to
men.  The community of Diamond Springs is
located about 45 miles northeast of
Sacramento, in El Dorado County.
Diamond Springs Hotel
In 1851 the first Ione Hotel was built, but multiple fires have doomed each new structure that had replaced
its predecessor.  The current structure is thoughtfully designed to recreate the style of the 1800’s, and this
may be why the California Haunts team found so many of the hotel’s former guests from another era still
comfortable hanging around the premises.  Ione is a 35 minute drive, heading southeast from Sacramento.

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Ione Hotel
The California Haunts team had a grand time
at this beautiful lodge, surrounded by giant
redwoods, 14 miles north of Santa Cruz.  At
one time reputed to be a favored hangout for
local gangsters, the highlight of our evening
is what we believed to be communication
with one gangster and his moll, discussing
their unrequited love story.  Using dowsing
rods, we found out they continue to enjoy
each other’s company, as well as the live
music and festive atmosphere shared by
current Brookdale patrons, well beyond their
earthly existence.

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Brookdale Lodge, click on the photo.
Brookdale Lodge
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