Hicksville Cemetery
Digital Cameras
Digital Thermometers
Trifield meter
EMF meter
Digital Voice
Mini Mag Flashlight
Photo by Kat
Investigators arrived at about 10:15 p.m. on a
cool Friday.

Earlier in the day, Jan, Tracy and Susan had
visited the cemetery to take a look around
and for Jan to get some impressions. As the
investigation began, investigators broke up
into two teams nd went to different areas of
the cemetery.

Charlotte’s team, which consisted of Jan,
Susan, Whytnei and Kat went to an area at
the north end of the cemetery where Jan said
there was some alleged activity.

Once there, charlotte placed a Mini Mag light
near a broken tombstone and others laid
digital recorders there as well.
The Investigation
Charlotte, in chair, and the rest of her team conduct an EVP session at
Hicksville Cemetery near Galt, California. An alleged spirit seemed to
answer questions through a mini Mag Light.
Jan said she felt the spirit of man who was unhappy about his epitaph. When investigators began the EVP
session, the flashlight began to turn on as if in answer to questions. During questioning, through the flashlight,
the man told investigators that he was upset because he was over a sickness that was placed on the epitaph on
his tombstone.

After about an hour, the team moved on to another area of the cemetery where the flashlight reacted to
questions once again. This time, Jan said it was a woman who was allegedly communicating with the team.

In the meanwhile john and his team, consisting of Tracy, Kate and Cassie made their way through the cemetery.
At about midnight, John drove off in his car in an effort to test a theory on some strange lights seen in trees in
the cemetery.

By 1 a.m., the team decided to head for warmer climates and have a snack at an area Denny’s.
Nothing was caught on still camera. Video did catch the two instances
of the alleged male and female spirit communicating through the Mag
Light. Three EVP’s were also obtained.
Interesting. To say that a cemetery is  haunted invokes visions of
ghosts just hanging out with nowhere to go.  Although there does seem
to be minimal activity, we can not at this time deem the area haunted.
The Hicksville cemetery at night.
Photo by Susan