Norcal Residence
A woman living alone in a rural area claims that ghosts visit her at all hours of the day and night.
Some are darker presences that terrify her at night while others seem to be watchers. She has
seen the profile of a man's face on her glass shower door when taking a shower and has been
touched in her kitchen area. She also stated that the ghosts attack both her health and come
into her bed at night.
Guest Psychic
9 Channel DVR
Cell Sensor Meter
K2 Meter
PX Box
Motion Detector
Digital Voice Recorders
Digital Cameras
130 foot IR Cameras
Stand Alone Video
Dousing Rods
Frank's Box
Sharon, Charlotte, Jeri and Margaret arrived at the house at about 7:15 p.m. Chuck and Sandy were
already there waiting. The client had gone to the store but would return shortly to let team members in
the home. Within about five minutes Michele arrived as did Trish and her son. While they all waited for
the client, Sharon grounded all team members in an effort to prevent unwanted spiritual attacks and

Once the client arrived on scene investigators were introduced and then began unloading equipment.
Charlotte decided that the command center for the investigation would be located on a table in the
living room.

She set up a folding table and also set up the 9-channel DVR and a mini computer along with a 32-inch
monitor. As she did this, psychics Sharon and Trish conducted a walk-through of the home. In an effort
to better protect Margaret, Charlotte also placed cups of sea salt around Margaret who was sitting on
the couch to the left of her.

Once the walk-through was completed, Charlotte consulted with Trish and Sharon and, based on their
suggestions, had Sandy, Chuck, Jeri and Michelle set up cameras in the “hot” areas of the home. It was
at this time that Cristie called for directions to the home.

At about 8:45 p.m., all cameras were up and running. All have the ability to see 130 feet in the dark and
all were connected to the DVR via 160 foot A/V lines. Camea 1 was located in the family room, camera
three was located in the master bedroom, camera four was located in the master bedroom bathroom,
camera five was located in the storage room and camera six was in the spare bedroom.

Lights were turned off and the team divided into two with Team A consisting of Sharon, Jeri, Michele
and Crisitie and Team B consisting of  Trish, Chuck, Sandy. At 9 p.m. Team A began in the bedroom on
southeast of home  and Team B went to the  to master bedroom/bathroom.

At 10 p.m. Both teams took a dinner break for 15 minutes and then continued the investigation with
both teams switching rooms. Charlotte sits down with the client for consultation. Trish's son watches
the DVR screen.

At about 10:30 p.m. Team B went outside to the garage to investigate.

At about 11 p.m., Team B left the residence leaving Team A to conduct an exorcism on the client.

At about 12:30 a.m., Charlotte, along with Team A enters the garage. Cristie stays behind with Maragaret.

At about 1:15 a.m., Team A exits the garage and Sharon attempts to close an outdoor vortex.

At 2 a.m. Team members break down equipment and at 2:30 a.m., the team leaves.
Sharon performs a cleansing on the client during the
I saw the wall hanging in the dining room and remembered it
from my dream so I stepped back out and re-grounded, prayed
and rechecked my crystal, etc. I went in the second time trying
to hold my shields up. I was immediately exhausted like my
body was drained like a battery. I also had lots of confusion
and had trouble remembering how to set up the cameras and

7:25 took some pictures of areas that I had odd feelings or
thought I saw something. Chuck also thought he saw faces in
the corner but it didn’t turn up in the picture.

7:30 went to restroom off of kitchen, I sat my clipboard on the
sink and counter it was high centered and if it were to fall it
should have gone towards the wall. I felt like I was being
watched and then the clipboard sailed at me as if it were
thrown. I was trying to leave the bathroom quickly and thought
something was holding the door but it was actually just
sticking. I was able to reproduce the effect.

7:35 pm officially met the client

7:40 – 8:04 pm Chuck & I wandered the house and property
reviewing and confirming baseline readings. There were no
At about 8:10 p.m., in the kitchen, a low black energy went out the left side of the door and back side of  
dining room table as it made its way outside. I saw it as I went out of the kitchen opening towards the
back screen door. It was moving fast.
.7 pm Chuck & I arrived at the residence and meet the client on her way out; she stated she would
return in a few minutes.

7:15 pm Met up with the rest of the team and proceeded to participate in the team blessing led by
Sharon Roe.

Upon entering the house through the dining room sliding door I felt an immediate pressure and chest
pain. It was almost like walking into a wall, I had to push in.
The door that team members entered and
reported seeing a small black shadow/mass
move in the dining room.
Chuck, Tricia, Jessie, Jeri and Sandy entered the garage to set up camera, motion sensors and tape
recorder. We all experienced uncomfortable feelings in various areas. Jeri was uncomfortable in the
mid section. I felt tightness in my chest along the south wall on the east side and nauseated on the
west side. Trish smelled a rotting smell in all the above areas. We tried to debunk it by looking into the
refrigerator but found nothing to explain it.

EVP Session in first room: Storage room
Trish picked the first room because of her feelings of a presence and that the homeowner had pagan
type supplies stored there. Her biggest concern was the black candles. During this session both Trish
and I heard whispering and tried to encourage anyone to speak up.
EVP Session in 2nd room: Bedroom

Trish sat on the chair at the foot of the bed, I sat on the floor close to her and Chuck stood at the foot
of the bed. Here I definitely felt that we were being watched and could hear whispers. While I was
sitting there I noticed movement behind the chair that Trish was sitting on. I looked and it was a small
child, I thought I heard her voice. Trish heard a voice too but thought it was a woman. I waved at the
child and tried to address it. It changed before my eyes to a dark sinister mass and I heard it laugh. I do
not know why I did not mention this on the tape or to Trish and Chuck. Something made me feel like if I
let them know I saw it, it would harm one of us.

After Break Chuck, Tricia and I went back to the garage to check on things. The ominous feelings were
stronger and something had completely drained Chuck’s camera. He had put brand new batteries in it
that he had just bought that day. He replaced the batteries; reset the camera to Tricia’s specifications
while I checked that Char’s tape recorder was still working.  We heard someone coming from outside
and waited for Jessie to join us but he did not. Later, Tricia confirmed that we had been the only ones
outside at the time.

EVP Session in Master Bedroom
The energy in the master bedroom was nearly intoxicating. I felt a spinning motion along with chest
pressure and nausea while in the room. I assumed that it was the location of the original circle or
vortex that was open in the house.  Everything close to Alice seemed to have residual ooze on it. Again
both Tricia and I heard whispering. At one point I was holding on to the bed frame and asked if the bed
was moving. Chuck and Tricia said it was not. I wound up lying down on the floor. Tricia asked if I was
dizzy and I said no but I was extremely tired and disoriented. I need to work on making stronger
protection amulets!

We gathered in the kitchen to regroup before the cleansing. Tricia was feeling ill and tired so she and
Jessie prepared to leave. After they left Chuck and I began to gather our things to depart.
8:40 p.m.   I was sitting on the Master Bedroom
floor using dowsing rods to see, if any movement
helps me to differentiate if energy is close. I saw
an energy mass pass the lamp and head back
towards the bed where Jeri, Sharon and Cristie
were sitting. They said that they felt something
near them.

8:45 p.m.  I was still sitting on the floor in the
Master Bedroom and saw a lot of fluctuation and
movement in the darkness by the easel and on
the floor near the closet.

10:20 p.m. In the guest room with Sharon, Jeri
and Cristie. Had my head on the wall, they were
talking about a pervert then I heard a male voice
like it was in the wall. My head was against the
wall and I could feel the vibration. It sounded like
the word “Aha”
The area where investigators reported seeing movement during
their EVP sessions.
Photo by Charlotte
Photo by Charlotte
Photo by Charlotte