Gold Country Residence
Trifield Meter
PX Box
9-channel DVR
Cell sensor
Dowsing rods
Digital voice recorders
Video cameras
The residents report that doors seemed to close in the house all the time-mainly
downstairs. They also would find the door to the Master Bathroom open when
the wife knew she had shut it. In addition, she also has reported hearing what
sounds like explosions in the home and the sound of a gunshot in the home as
well.  The residents also have reported being touched while sleeping and
seeing a shadow on their staircase. The client also reported hearing gunshots
or loud bangs in the home.

Their small dog also barks at something unseen.
Charlotte and Margaret arrived at about 7:05 p.m. and Charlotte parked in front of
the garage and began unloading the equipment. At about 7:13 p.m., Charlotte had
to move to the car to accommodate a neighbor and at 7:15 p.m. She once again
backed the car in front of the garage to finish unloading. At his time Jose and Janet
arrived and began assisting with the unload.

Once the car was unloaded, Janet helped Margaret into the garage. At the same
time. Charlotte set up the table and placed a camp chair behind it and Margaret sat
next to the camp chair on her walker. Jose and Janet then began unloading the
monitoring cameras that would be used during the investigation. Once those were
chosen Charlotte then connected the cameras to the tripods. Jose and Janet then
placed the tripods in rooms designated by Charlotte.

In the meantime, Charlotte began setting up the DVR, monitor and computer utilizing
an existing extension cord that was on the concrete floor of the garage.

At about 7:25 p.m. Chuck, Sandy and Mary Jane arrived and they began unloading
their own equipment. Jose and Janet began running the 160 foot video lines to the
cameras and bringing the rolls back for Charlotte to connect to the DVR. Once
connected, Charlotte was able to view the four cameras placed at various angles
with Camera 5 bring in the living room, Camera 6 in the Master Bedroom, Camera 7
in the daughter's room and Camera 8 in the son's room.

At about 7:45 p.m. Chuck went into the home to set up additional equipment as
At 7:55, Sandy returned and checked in with
Charlotte. Charlotte then ordered that lights
in the home be turned off and turned on the

All investigators then headed to the son's
room to begin their investigation. Charlotte in
the meanwhile, took weather and video
readings for the case. These readings would
be taken every half hour. In addition,
Charlotte posted regular updates on

At about 9 p.m., Charlotte noticed that
Camera 5 began malfunctioning. At the same
time, the small dog in the room began
barking and whining. The dog then went into
hiding behind the couch and could not be
coaxed out.
Sandy used a pan of water and a bright light to obtain these images
of what appear to be a dog's face. The Instrumental Trans
Communication Water Technique is one of the experiments used by
investigators during the investigation. The third ITC photo at bottom
right seems to show a human face.
At about 9:05 p.m. Camera positions were changed with
Camera 5 pointed towards the kitchen counter where a bottle
of rum and two glasses were located. The bedroom cameras
were also shifted towards the doors of the rooms.

At 9:10 p.m., the team began conducting EVP sessions in the
Master Bedroom and Living Room.

The team then attempted the new ITC Water Technique.

At 10 p.m., Charlotte went into the living room to conduct an
EVP and Dousing Rod session.

At 10:30 p.m., the investigation was concluded.
This EVP using the PX Box was obtained during Charlotte's EVP session in the living room.
Charlotte, was touched in the living room area during the prelim. Maryjane was touched during the investigation in
the daughter's room. Jose was touched on the head during camera setup in the kitchen.

The only EVP obtained was the one that Charlotte got referring to a trammel- a trammel or trommel was used during
the Gold Rush as  also known as a "trommel screen," is a screened cylinder used to separate materials by size.
There are also fireplace trommels which is an arrangement of links and a hook in a fireplace for raising and lowering
a kettle.

The latter version could have been used to hold up lanterns in the mine.

Both psychics saw or heard or wrote for that matter about similar occurrences and although a date for the fire could
not be confirmed..fires and explosions, according to research on mines in the area, did occur fairly frequently.

The explosions and gunshots heard by the client after they moved into the home were caused by new mining
operations in the area.
Based on evidence obtained and psychic readings and research, the California Haunts team believes there is
paranormal activity occurring in the home.
When I conducted the prelim in the home...during the question and answer portion, I felt as if we
were being watched from a corner of the happened so much that I kept glancing up in
that direction. It was not an ominous feeling but one more of curiosity. At that point I started
speaking directly at the corner. During the EVP session that I conducted in the living room during
the investigation, I felt an unseen hand touch my right arm...I could actually see the hairs standing
up on my arm and it felt very cold in the spot.

During my Dowsing Rod session with the family on the night of the investigation, the rods swung
crossed for "Yes" answers and "opened for "No" answers. During the session, the alleged ghost
answered  "Yes" to questions pertaining to an explosion and fire. He also said he was male, a
miner and had possibly been from Hawaii. (Note: Hawaiians did in fact work and settle in the area
during the height of the mining era.)
Felt as if something touched the top of his head while setting up a camera in the living
room/kitchen area.
Janet sees a shadow. She took pictures of it as it went in and out. Jose felt it was a reflection
of the mirror.
Maryjane was touched on the leg and arm while participating in an EVP session in Barbara's room.
Two of the clients saw this
orb in the kitchen and were
able to get a photo of it.
Sandy, the sensitive for the evening,  did her walk-through of the home in an effort to get her initial readings. Janet
joined her and took control pictures in every room of the home.

Janet returned a few minutes later and reported that the batteries in the camera had died,   (Note: the batteries had
been replaced just before Janet did the walk-through.)