Join the California Haunts team on a psychic tour of Woodland's Most Haunted
Opera House Ghost Tour
In conjunction with The Learning Exchange, California Haunts
presents a tour of the Haunted Woodland Opera House, Sunday,
October 28, at 10 a.m. at 340 2nd Street in Woodland.
Cost for the tour is $19.95 per person for non Learning Exchange members and
$14.00 per person for Learning Exchange members.
Caren Clarke, California Haunts' lead field psychic, will
entertain you as she communicates with the colorful      
ghosts that inhabit the theater.

California Haunts team members will also be on hand
using  equipment during the tour in the hope of catching
high EMF readings or maybe a temperature drop.
A volunteer fireman, a polish opera singer, a stage manager are but a few of the
spirits you may encounter. You might even see the gentleman who sits on the
balcony and smokes a cigar or the ghost who likes to unravel newly-sewn

You just never know what to expect.