Psychic Investigators
The California Haunts Psychic Investigators have years of experience in the field of investigation, readings
and helping those in need. Led by Caren Clarke, the team prides itself on being very courteous and
respectful of clients' needs as well as providing the best service possible.
Caren Clarke has had 20 years of channeling and
psychic experience that includes working with Law
Agency’s, Paranormal Groups, hospice patients and
Entertainment groups.

During the span of her career, Clarke has been
interviewed on radio and TV, done private readings
and helped those in need.
I’ve seen spirit since I was a little girl. I’d be talking away to
my deceased relatives (of course I didn’t know it) and my
mother would ask me who I was speaking to? When I told
her, she would punish me for lying and send me to my room.
I’ve been fascinated with the paranormal ever since I could

In the 70s, I would hurry home from school so I could watch
Dark Shadows. I was mesmerized with the vampires and
witches in this soap opera. So I read as many books as I
could find on this subject and found myself drawn more and
more to the paranormal.
I am a Natural Born Psychic/Medium Business Consultant. I
Absolutely Do Not Use Any Tools. I offer 20 years of
professional experience to be fast, detailed, accurate
recorded sessions, consistent with my United States and
Europe clientele. Offer private, phone or web cam Sessions.
Spirit Communication and Ghost Investigations, Business &
Marketing Development, Work Direction, Child Development
Plus Entertainer, Lecturer, Author
My life's work and passion is to be of service to the health
and well being of all I come into contact with on all levels,
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Contact
me I can help with all concerns of your well being and life
journey success. I am also a practicing Shaman and

I was born and raised in Southern California, a fourth generation Intuitive Psychic
and Empath. My visions started in my toddler years and progressed to
communication with the other side. I have been proactive in continuing my
spiritual education, reading numerous books on astrology, Tarot, Pagan &
Wiccan rituals and practices and furthering my education by taking private
classes and joining discussion groups and most recently becoming a Certified
Theta Healer practitioner and an Ordained Minister with the Church of Universal
Life. my husband Chuck and i have been active members of California Haunts
now for several years
Annalisa was born and raised in San Francisco, She became aware of her
abilities at an early age but was frightened by them. Her grandmother was very
instrumental in guiding these gifts and their unique connection helped her accept
her gifts. She is a Psychic Medium with strong empath abilities. spirits
communicate with her by sending her impressions/feelings pictures and movies in
her mind. She loves helping people understand their own gifts and enjoys
working with this great team.