Client Testimonials
What a wonderful bunch of people! I was very amazed with how quickly my email was
answered and the immediate phone call from Charlotte, and more impressed when the
investigators drove up in my driveway less than 48 hours later to go over the situations that
were not so very pleasing in my home. The sincere concern for the well being of myself and
my child was immediately felt and very much appreciated. The comfort and reassurance I
received by the team was more a feeling of a CARING FAMILY, not of a bunch of new
strangers thinking I was crazy. Investigation night was just amazing, the excitement with this
investigation was very apparent on each team member. The unpleasant spirit in the home was
communicating a lot in Spanish, so it was very helpful to all that there was a team member
who was also Spanish speaking so he was able to translate many messages. I had the best
night's sleep after everyone left that evening. Do things still happen in my home? Yes, but with
the advice given to me I am working on how to control and stop the behavior. I highly
recommend California Haunts, it is a wonderful and exciting experience with some of the most
fun and wonderful people who are excited to help bring peace to your home and well being.

Just want to thank Char and her team at California Haunts for all their help. 30 days after
buying my new home, I was ready to move out because of the strange and noisy activity.
Especially at night. Now, thanks to California Haunts, the lights stay off at night, the cabinet
and freezer doors remain shut and my house is quiet. My daughter has stopped having bad
dreams and I am no longer afraid in my own home.
Thank you Char, I don't know what I would have done without you.

T.-El Dorado Hills