The Sequoia
Also known as the Gibson Mansion, the Yolo
County Historical Museum is a beautifully-
preserved historic house museum.  It’s believed
that the old clothes and artifacts on display keep
the souls anchored to this location.  The
California Haunts team felt surrounded by history
on this visit.  Woodland is home to the Yolo
County Historical Museum, which is about 20
minutes north of Sacramento.

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County Historical Museum, click on the photo.
More Places
Yolo County
This nineteenth-century building is a hotbed of paranormal
activity, and the spirits always seem interested in
interacting with the California Haunts team.  Located
twenty-three miles northwest of Sacramento, the Woodland
Opera House Theatre is a historic state landmark that’s
also an operating theatre offering live entertainment.  We
can’t say for sure, but we hope to find out someday if the
entities who seem to want to contact us at the Woodland
Opera House might be former actors or patrons… or
perhaps the fireman who perished in the fire of 1892 that
destroyed the original building.

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House, click on the photo.
Woodland Opera
Sequoia at the Bee-Bennett House in Placerville
is a gorgeous restaurant, set across from the
historic Union Cemetery.  The California Haunts
team felt that members of the Bennett family
were trying to make their presence known, even
to this day.  And crazy as it my sound, the location
where the highest level of activity took place just
happened to be the ladies room… where we may
have contacted a former “lady of the house.”

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Restaurant, Bee-Bennett House, click the photo.
Historically known as the Willow Hotel in
Jamestown, located about an hour west of
Yosemite, the Willow Steakhouse has a long history
of haunted activity and the California Haunts team
was determined to search high and low for
evidence.  Though tragic fire damage throughout
history has redefined the original two-story
structure, that didn’t stop the team from trying to
make contact with spirits who might still be
connected with the alleged “hanging room” that
had once been located on the second floor!
The Willow
Steak House
Built in 1927 and known for its beautiful ocean view, delicious food and most famous spirit, the “Blue
Lady,” the Moss Beach Distillery restaurant beckoned the California Haunts paranormal investigation
team and two guest investigators from the San Francisco Ghost Society.  Our preliminary team found
evidence of spirit activity well before the investigation was scheduled.  When the preliminary team
first visited the Moss Beach Distillery, one of the restaurant patrons explained that her fork had slid
off the table and onto the floor, not once, but twice!  When the night of the formal investigation finally
arrived, everyone was ready to explore the former speakeasy and learn of any hidden secrets the
bootleggers or patrons from an era long ago might want to share.

You can learn more about the Moss Beach Distillery by visiting their website when you click on the
The Moss Beach Distillery
Located in the small town of Coulterville, the
Historic Hotel Jeffery is a lovely and welcoming
oasis.  The California Haunts investigation team
was greeted by owners Peter and Cherylann with
the utmost hospitality and charming stories
describing the various spirit activity in their
establishment.   We stayed up until the early
hours of the morning conducting EVP recording
sessions and watching orbs fly through the hotel
rooms where we’d set up cameras that we could
watch on our infrared video monitoring system.  
The Hotel Jeffery is not only rich in history, but
we were able to collect a lot of potentially
paranormal evidence that we’re anxious to
evaluate as we look for genuine phenomenon.

For detailed information about the Historic Hotel
Jeffery, established circa 1851, click on the
Hotel Jeffery
Museum curators and employees alike have stories to
tell about the former air base and its B-29 Raz’n Hell.
Built over a 26-year period and from the parts of three
planes, strange occurrences are said to happen
aboard the craft. From tools moving by themselves to
passerby seeing landing and navigation lights on the
plane when there is in fact, no electrical wiring
working. The B-29 is an interesting piece of history.

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Castle Air