Yolo County Residence
Nancy Matz
9-channel DVR with infrared cameras
K2 Meter
Digital Voice Recorders
Digital Cameras
PX Box
Dousing Rods
ITC Water
Fierefly Jars
Preliminary Investigation
Client claims that his disabled son talks and plays cards with someone unseen. Client claims to have
been pushed down, bruised, and also has heard a male voice. In addition, client claims to have
electrical problems in the home. Client also said that her bedbound son will stare at an upper corner of
the living room for hours as if watching something or someone. Client's son claims an unseen person
hangs out in the bathroom located across from his room. Client's husband feels that a dark presence
wants to kill him and take his sons. Client thinks that a demonic presence is in the home. Bruises
mysteriously appear on the clint's sons and wife. Lightbulbs blow out as the male client performs a
sading on the home.
The team arrived on scene at about 7:25 p.m. along with Charlotte, Marissa, who drove, Trish and Charlotte's
mother. We proceeded to exit the car and greet the clients. Paula arrived about 10 minutes after we arrived. Trish
then conducted her walk-through the home.

The team began unpacking the car and Charlotte started setting up the command center for the investigation at
about 7:40 p.m. Charlotte placed the table just outside the garage of the home and in front of the car that we had
arrived in. She then began setting up the command center.

Once Charlotte had the monitor and DVR set up, she took both Paula and Marissa with her and trained them in
the set up of the surveillance cameras for the evening. They set a camera up in the bedroom located at the south
end of the hallway. The camera was set up on a tripod to face northwest across the bed and looking into a mirror.
Charlotte showed them how to hook up the audio/video lines and then they followed her back out to the command
center so that she could show them how to connect the lines to the DVR. The second camera was
Additional Investigation
Charlotte and Jeff arrived at the home on a weekday afternoon. They were met by both clients who had been
married many years. Both clients, who are 65 and 70 respectively, are the caregivers for their disabled adult sons.
Both clients have also had their share of health issues with the husband having had a brain tumor removed. The
husband and wife acted like any couple that had been together for many years. The husband described his
experiences in the home and the wife described hers. The husband was concerned for the safety of his sons and
he described unusual behavior of his sons. The husband felt that he and his sons were under demonic attack.
The husband seemed agitated as he described what had been going on in the house. He said he had called a
catholic priest out who had conducted a blessing of the home. The local church suggested that he and his wife go
to confession in an effort to help with the situation. The man was upset with that and insisted that there was
something sinister at work in the home.

Jeff performed a walk-around of the house and reported a dark and heavy feeling in the master bedroom.

Nearly every room in the home had a religious tapestry hanging on a wall and some crosses were also in the

At the time of the interview the client provided California Haunts with a single photo taken by cell phone of an
alleged apparition. Following the prelim, Jeff and cCharlotte met with Autumn who is a psychic who works with the
team. Autumn looked at the photo and two names came to her. Jack and Maria.

Leading up to the main investigation, the client provided California Haunts with additional pictures and reports of
additional activity via text messages. All photos were analyzed.
set up in the bedroom located two doors north of
the first bedroom. The camera was positioned
facing the west chest of drawers in the room. Once
again, Charlotte showed them how to hook up the
audio/video lines and then they followed her back
out to the command center so that she could show
them how to connect the lines to the DVR. The last
camera was set up on a tripod in the living room
which is located on the east side of the home. The
camera was pointed in the direction of the kitchen
door and the dining room table could be seen with

The clients had to leave the TV on in the living
room for comfort for their ailing son who lays in a
hospital bed at the north end of the living room
near the TV. The client's husband also had the TV
on in the garage,

The three investigators returned back to the
command station and Charlotte connected that line
to the DVR as well. Trish joined back up with the
team and Charlotte spoke with her about her
walk-through and what she thought may be
happening in the home. Charlotte then assigned
Trish tries to communicate with whatever may haunt the home.
Photo by Marissa
the three investigators equipment and started a  live broadcast.

The investigation started at about 8:45 p.m. With the team going into the southern bedroom. Marissa also took
Charlotte's Iphone 7 Plus for the Facebook Live broadcast. Charlotte started the recording on the DVR. Charlotte
stayed at the command center taking note of all camera anomalies, weather conditions and other investigation
related items.

Marissa had the Kodak digital camera, Trish took the K2 meter and PX box, Paula had dowsing rods. Charlotte
also provided the ladies with a Sony Digital Voice Recorder.

At about 9:15 p.m. the team moved to the second bedroom and began its EVP session.
At about 9:30 p.m. Charlotte. Who was watching the surveillance cameras
on the DVR screen, noticed what she thought was the face of a man
sleeping on the bed of the southern bedroom. She made several trips into
the room to try and validate the face but could not. She then knocked on
the door of the second bedroom and asked Trish to assist. The face was
debunked as being shadows and pillows that appeared on the infrared

Trish and her team then decided to move into the kitchen and start an
EVP session.

At about 10:15 p.m., Charlotte decided to take two Firefly jars and place
them within camera range in the southern bedroom and in the bedroom
near the garage. She also conducted a private EVP session in the
bedroom near the garage.  After about five minutes she left the room and
went into the kitchen where the K2 meter was spiking wildly. She
determined that the cause was the Iphone was too close to the meter.

At 10:20 p.m. Charlotte returned to the command center.

At 10:30 p.m. Charlotte decided to trade spots with Trish and conduct an
ITC session in the kitchen. The session was conducted in the kitchen
Paula uses a K2 Meter during the
Photo by Marissa
sink at the east side of the kitchen under overhead lights. The session lasted about 10 minutes and then the team
took a five minute break to review what evidence iot might have caught. After about 8 minutes, Charlotte
conducted an EVP and dousing rod session at the dining room table for about three minutes. She then conducted
a second ITC session.

At 10:50 p.m. Charlotte returned to the command center and Trish suggested that she conduct a protection
cleansing on the home. Trish, Paula and Marissa walked through the home and conducted the cleansing with
Charlotte meeting them in the kitchen to take pictures.The investigation ended at 10:55 p.m. The team broke down
all cameras and put away equipment before leaving the home at 11:15 p.m.
Photo by Charlotte
A man's face was captured during the ITC Session
conducted by Charlotte in the kitchen. The image at
the right was captured on Facebook Live during an
EVP session conducted by Paula, Trish and Marissa.
The man;s face materialized on Paula's hair as she
sat at the dining room table.